Green Sports Academy and Ngorli Organization signs MOU to promote sports developments in Ghana


Dr.Donald Agumenu (Founder-Green Sports Academy)

Green Sports Academy and Ngorli Organization signed a memorandum of understanding to promote sports development in Ghana.

The MoU was signed on Friday 20th August,2021 at a brief ceremony in Accra .

The MoU signed by the two Sports agencies is to collaborate and to upscale staff, coaches and players to enhance knowledge and understanding as well as introduction a football program for education.

The collaboration would also see both parties combine to raise funds to support in the growth of the partnership.

Speaking to the media, founder of Ngorli Organization, Raymond Anglizukpe Senyo Amezado revealed that the partnership is for a lifetime.

“We want to promote our sports in Ghana specifically the Volta Region. The partnership is a lifetime partnership, where it’s going to be situated is in my hometown and we will all pour our hearts in,” Senyo Amezado.

He added, “We will bring coaches from all over Africa to impact knowledge unto the coaches and players. There are going to be better equipment and footballers are going to learn about drones and more.”

Founder and President of Green Sports Academy, Dr Donald Agumenu also emphasized that the academy has reduced the level of unemployment and the partnership with Ngorli Organization will go far.

He said, “When you look at Africa, unemployment is growing from stage to stage and that is what is bringing all manner of criminal activities.”

“For Green Sports Academy and Ngorli Foundation, we thought it wise to harness the potential of the African youth. So for the Academy we will focus on building athletic competence, skills basically focusing on football and boxing.”

According to him, “Football has become a platform where corporate and diplomatic firms benefit from. So football could be a channel where we promote our country.

He also noted that football is the channel to employ the youth and for companies to market their services.

Green Sports Academy is a sporting organization that gives young people the opportunity to develop and enhance their talents in the area of sports.

The organization provides facilities such as a soccer pitch and boxing gymnasium for young talents to be trained and groomed to meet international standards and markets.

It also organises sporting competitions for junior and senior high schools within the locality periodically to unearth talents for the Academy.

The targeted age ranges from 14 – 19 years. The Football Club, for now, is registered to play in the Ghana Division 3 League

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