Volta Regional Youth Wing of NDC fires Mathew Opoku Prempreh

December 7,2021.

The Volta Regional Youth wing of the NDC have noticed with grave concern and worry, a video tape circulating on social media in which the Minister of Energy and MP for Manhyia South,Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, a.k.a. Napo was heard making unsavory and senseless comments to the effect that, he will mobilise Kumasi residents to demonstrate against the government, should the finance minister heed to opposition demands to make provisions in the government 2022 budget to cater for the second phase of the sea defence project on the south coast of the Volta region.

NAPO made the irresponsible and condemnable comments following the public outcry over government’s defeaning silence and lack of action that greeted destruction caused by tidal waves to communities such as Anloga, Tegbi, Amutsinu, Agavedzi, Blekusu, Kedzi, Azizadzi, Adina and Denu-Aflao located in the Ketu South, Keta and Anlo Constituencies of the Volta Region.

According to this apology of a Minister, he could not understand why his government should make provisions for Keta tidal wave victims, when that is the stronghold of the NDC!

This clearly tell us that, the provision of zero funds in the 2022 budget for the tidal waves victims and same rejected by Parliamnent and deliberate neglect of the Volta region in the NPP government’s development plans was a deliberate discriminatory act.

It is crystal clear to us that NPP and it’s leaders do not consider Volta region as part of Ghana hence their actions. We must put on record that whatever discriminative and intimidative war the NPP wishes to wage against the people of the Volta Region, they are bound to fail.

What NAPO and his appointing authorities should note is that, the Volta Region remains an inseparable part of Ghana by law and by origination and must be accorded its fair share of the national cake including the state’s timely response to debilitating tidal waves that is tearing our communities apart.

What NAPO should note is that, the people of the Volta Region/Oti which remains the stronghold of the NDC did not complain or demonstrate against the NDC government when President Mahama chose to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on monumental projects in Ashanti like Kejetia market, Afari military hospital etc.

It must also be noted by the NPP and it’s leaders that we have had enough of their disrespectful and insulting acts and comments against the Chiefs and people of the Volta region including disenfranchising the people of SALL from having a representation in Parliament which was the epic of impunity, lawlessness and sheer disregard for the constitution and dues process under this despotic regime.

Napo and his cohorts should be reminded that it was the NDC founded by a visionary JJ Rawlings that is responsible for all  meaningful infrastructure and developmental  projects Ashanti region can boast of throughout the history of the fourth Republic.

The people of the Volta region have made massive contributions to the development of this country in the fields of human capital development, policy formulation, security, governance, agriculture, mining, legal, and international image build up of Ghana, and we cannot be taken for granted by a grossly corrupt, tribal and insensitive Npp government and its functionaries with bloated ego and exaggerated opinions of themselves.

We therefore call on NAPO to retract his vile, insensitive and ethnocentric comments and render an unqualified apology to the people of the Volta region and Ghana for that matter.

We wish to assure the Minority group in Parliament that, we have taken notice of their genuine efforts aimed at fighting for the interest of the Ghanaian people including the victims of tidal waves in the volta region by insisting that our scarce resources be judiciously applied to serve the best interest of Ghanaians and obnoxious taxes like e-levy should be opposed to the last drop of our blood.

We are behind you and we urge you to push harder to be a credible voice to the voiceless.

Thank you.

*( Regional Youth Organizer)*
Tel- +233 241768168

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